AYUSHIN is a Vienna-based designer brand, offering both high-end clothing and a unique vision. Constantly driven by beauty and grace, we define modern elegance and dress the women of tomorrow.

On the basis of our own concept of freedom and self-determination, AYUSHIN creates exquisite designs imbued with uniqueness and exclusivity.

Our commitment to perfection and craftsmanship extends to every single stitch, ensuring impeccable fitting that complements your individuality.


The brand’s style combines different cultures and visual languages.

The creative director is from the Republic of Buryatia, home to the Buryat ethnic minority, in Siberia. In his childhood, he absorbed elements of Buryat and Russian culture, while maintaining a lasting interest in European art and history.

Dorzh’s education in architecture also influences the brand’s creations, making it possible to look at design from a different angle. Fashion and architecture are two closely related fields. Both deal with structure, design, form, flow and the interaction between colour and material.

The creative director is driven by the desire to preserve, reinterpret and share the visual aesthetic of his home culture of Buryatia.

"See our aesthetics, feel our love and hear our heart beating in every garment we create for you."

– Dorzh AYUSHIN.


+43 681 10701373