AYUSHIN is a Vienna-based fashion brand, offering both high-end clothing and a unique vision.

The founder and creative director’s background in architecture means the brand sees fashion from a different perspective. The basic idea that a garment, like a building, serves as a shell for people, guides AYUSHIN to new solutions and ventures.

We stand for self-determination, empowerment and freedom. Through our clothing and visual media, AYUSHIN channels boundless energy and embodies women’s power, independence and self-confidence.


Dorzh was born and raised in the Siberian town of Ulan-Ude, near Lake Baikal. Aged 8, he started showing an interest in art and began attending an arts school, which influenced his future choice of architecture as an educational pathway.

Since childhood, he has avidly followed fashion and photography, but architecture continued to remain the main focus of his attention in both study and his professional life. That was until 2020, when his priorities shifted. Seeking an outlet for his creativity, he resolved to enter the fashion industry as a designer. This is when AYUSHIN came into being.

Dorzh’s education in architecture influences the brand’s creations, making it possible to look at design from a different angle. Fashion and architecture are two closely related fields. Both deal with structure, design, form, flow and the interaction between colour and material.



We use only deadstock fabrics from Italy and France, 95% of which are plastic-free. Deadstock fabrics are basically fashion industry leftovers which we can give a second chance to.


Our garments are ethically produced in small quantities in Bratislava, Slovakia. From each design we make a maximum of 10 items. We also make bespoke items for any occasion.


We do not use any plastic bags or packaging either for shipping or internal purposes. The warehouses we source our fabric from are located in neighbouring countries close to our place of production. Therefore, we have a small supply chain, and our clothes travel a very short distance.

"See our aesthetics, feel our love and hear our heart beating in every garment we create for you."

– Dorzh AYUSHIN.