The Legend of Baikal's Daughter

"By day she is lighter than the sky, by night she is darker than a cloud."

Homesickness always evokes strong feelings. Dorzh Ayushin has linked his new collection to his homeland, Buryatia, namely to its culture and traditions.

Referring to the ancient Buryat legend and the national ballet "Beautiful Angara" he creates dresses inspired by the traditional outfits of his people and sketches of ballet costumes.
The legend of Angara is based on a very interesting fact: more than 350 rivers flow into Lake Baikal in Siberia and only one, the Angara River, flows out. Buryats call Angara the only daughter of the Baikal.
According to legend, Angara falls in love with the blue-eyed boy, Yenisei, and decides to elope with him to evade her father's strict supervision, as her father wants to marry her off to another man in a marriage of convenience.
One quiet night, she escapes from her father, Baikal, to join Yenisei. The father, sensing something is amiss, awakens and tries to stop his daughter. He hurls a boulder which lands on the scythe of his eloping daughter, who was already in the arms of Yenisei.
Ever since, a huge rock has lain there, marking the source of the Angara River and the place where the Angara connects Lake Baikal and the Yenisei River.
Dorzh found in this story a prototype of a strong woman capable of deciding her own fate and ready to risk all for love.


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